Capturing the moment of today, that will wow your hearts tomorrow.
Photography is the way of expressing feeling, touch, affection,
a moment passing in time…

Qiqi is a fine art photographer based in California. She often finds herself surrounded by a “beautiful surreal mess” as she calls it — looking for beauty that shelters in all aspects of life, emotions, feelings, subtle subconscious movements; and freezes these priceless moments and memories. Her goal is to capture the subtlety of little things that can be easily strayed in a split second. A fleeing moment forever frozen as an image that brings back the warm memories — for what is life if not a string of beautiful events.

With a passion in fashion, lifestyle, and wedding photography, Qiqi strives for artistic creations that bring out the most beautiful sides of her subjects while preserving the special moments in her images, and shares their stories through her work.

Her imagery can be described as artistic, airy, and luminous. She presents every one of her projects distinctive and unique to individuals while continuously exploring new styles and techniques.

You have the fairy tale and let her whip up some pixie dust! For your special photography needs, Qiqi will work with you to bring your vision to life. Whether it be a specific theme like modern, vintage, or simply elegant, she can help plan the details so what you have envisioned is expressed in her photographs.

Qiqi loves to travel and to chase after delicate things in life that continue to inspire. “It’s the little moments that make life a very big adventure.”

You may have seen her work featured in publications/blogs such as Utterly Engaged, Hearth, Smitten Magazine, amongst many others.